Month: May 2014

We’re gearing up!

Things are finally changing around southwestern Pennsylvania now, after a long winter. The birds are back, the tulips are out, the cherry trees have bloomed, and the asparagus is sprouting! Windows are open, lawn mowers are getting their tune-ups, and motorcycles are making their first appearances.

Hi there, asparagus. We missed you

Hi there, asparagus. We missed you

Things are changing here at Kohser Farms too! Chip has made CSAs and local food distribution his full-time job, so you can expect an even bigger list of locally produced items and great service. He’s very passionate about connecting people to their food sources, and is looking to expand his network of subscribers!

Choose from local veggies, fruits, meats, locally prepared foods, bread, gluten-free cookies, coffee, and seasonal things like hanging baskets, wreaths, etc. You can order subscriptions and add individual items as you want. Be on the lookout for specials on large quantities of  things for preserving too.

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